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Kids In Court Program

One of the most enjoyable things Larry does in his office is not a required function.  It involves 4th grade children.


Veterans Park Elementary has coordinated with Larry’s prosecutors to work each Spring with 4th graders to visit our Circuit Court rooms and try two separate criminal cases. The teachers at Veterans Park work very hard teaching these youngsters about constitutional law, the foundation of our court system and protection of rights.  It is a real pleasure for Larry and his assistants to work with these 4th grade prosecutors and defense attorneys and then watch them perform.  Every student in the class participates as one of the witnesses, the court bailiff, the defendant, the judge or the jury. There is no adult participation, and it is an eye opening experience to watch the maturity of these fourth graders. At the end of the trial the students get to meet a “real” judge in the court room for questions and photographs.


This is just one example of why Larry loves this job!

Programs Initiated While in Office

Child Support

Larry’s office works tirelessly to enforce the legal and moral obligation of making sure children in Lexington receive enough money for housing, food and clothing.

Cold Check Collection

Many people write checks for merchandise or services knowing there is not enough money in their account to cover the check.

Criminal Diversion

As Commonwealth Attorney, a defense attorney and County Attorney Larry has always believed in diversion and has had an extensive program since he was elected.

Delinquent Property Tax

One responsibility of Larry’s office is to collect delinquent property taxes.

Kids In Court

One of the most enjoyable thing Larry does in his office is not a required function. It involves 4th grade children.

Traffic Diversion

One of Larry’s duties is enforcing traffic laws. His office handles thousands of citations yearly.

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